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No transfer/Shuttle is required, Drivefly Chauffeur will meet you at the Airport

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142 Reviews


Parking Options & Amenities

  • 24 Hours Security
  • CCTV
  • Secure Barrier
  • Suitable for lot of luggage
  • Suitable for Family
  • Suitable for Large Equipments



Blue Circle offers an excellent range of airport parking services for individuals, families and groups. Whether you are going away on a short business trip or a long holiday, Blue Circle can offer you the right Meet and Greet parking services at a range of UK Airports.

Why Choose Airport Parking?

  • No need to pay extortionate prices for Taxis / Long stay car parks OR other fees!
  • No need to pay for high last minute train tickets!
  • No need to cart your luggage through public transport? We meet & greet you at the Airport!
  • We only charge per vehicle, NOT per person, so you can split your travel costs FURTHER if you come to the airport with a group of friends or family!

Why choose Meet and Greet Parking?

  • Convenience! No waiting for lengthy bus transfers
  • No dragging heavy luggage or herding children
  • No need to ask someone to drop or pick you up / High taxi prices / last minute train fairs
  • Walk straight into check - in at Departures
  • Drive away comfortably once you got all your bags from Arrivals

Most Suited for:

  • Families
  • Business travellers
  • Disabled or elderly travellers
  • Sports travellers with heavy or awkward luggage

How Secure is my car?

  • It is our only interest to ensure high levels of security, while your car is in our custody.
  • Firstly the car itself is parked within the Airport perimeter.
  • Your car keys are stored safely.
  • ALL our drivers are fully insured (Fully Comprehensive) to drive any customer vehicle from the airport to our secure compound and back
  • We hold a ''Trade Jockey Policy'' which allows to operate our business officially, putting both our minds at ease!


The telephone number of Drivefly will be provided via Booking Confirmation Email.

There will be NO CANCELLATION and NO REFUND for the booking, made for the same day.



On Arrival

We Simply Park & Fly Ltd does not take vehicles from any airport, instead the service provider (see below) takes the vehicle and they park to their own secured car park compound. You need to look for the driver of the service provider and call them on your departure and return day. All the instruction (telephone number as well) will be sent to your email account once the booking is made.

Once your holiday parking has been booked and confirmed via email you are ready to go. Please call us when you’re 15-20 minutes away from the airport on 

You will be called 20-30 minutes prior to your arrival time to confirm your drop off time.

 If you do NOT receive a call, please call the driver when you are 15- 20 minutes away from the terminal.
NOTE: It’s illegal to use phone while driving. It is the responsibilty of the driver/customer to follow the UK Driving and transport LAW and stop at a safer place to make or take a call.

  • On arriving at the airport, follow signs for Short Stay Carpark 2 OR 3.
  • You need to enter the “Valet Parking” Carpark, which is just before Car park 3 and inbetween Car park 2/3.
  • Take a ticket from the barrier before entering the “Valet Parking” car park and hand this to your driver.
  • Once you have entered the Valet Parking car park, proceed to park in bays 25,26,27,39,40,41,42
  • You will be greeted by one of our chauffeurs at the prearranged meeting point, who will have all your booking details and will be wearing a black jacket with our Blue Cirlce Parking company logo on it.

       Sat-Navigation postcode: B26 3QJ

On Return

  • Please call the driver once you have collected all of your luggage. In case of any delays please let us know.

  • Our chauffeur will deliver your vehicle to the agreed pick up point at the airport.

  • Depending on the product you have paid for; you may be required to pay for the airport exit fee on your return. Please ask our driver for clarification.


Rating score

"Once found where to drop car off it was smooth. When picking car up had to rush out of parking spot so ticket didn't run out. Didn't even have time to set satnav. Otherwise smooth operation."
Confirmed purchase:
03 June 2018

Published on:
27 September 2018
Value for money
Staff friendliness
Arrival and exit process
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Rating score

"Great service "
Confirmed purchase:
28 June 2018

Published on:
22 September 2018
Value for money
Staff friendliness
Arrival and exit process
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Rating score

"I was expecting a bit more friendly welcome from the staff. Otherwise , the service did its job ."
Confirmed purchase:
11 August 2018

Published on:
22 August 2018
Value for money
Staff friendliness
Arrival and exit process
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Rating score

"Check-in procedure was reasonably managed although finding the drop-off location at the airport wasn't straight forward. The drop-off point isn't that far from the airport terminal but in inclement weather it wouldn't be a pleasant journey. The pick-up didn't go very well at all. The exit ticket handed to us by the company staff didn't work at the barrier and it took the best part of an hour to get this sorted out. This is because initially no-one from the company had any real interest in the problem or took control. Another customer who was in the same predicament was treated very badly, laughing at him and his situation does not constitute good customer service. Whilst we waited to get sorted out lots of other vehicles got out through the barrier with no problems, great for them, frustrating for us. Would I use this company again? I would definitely see what other options there are first."
Confirmed purchase:
08 March 2018

Published on:
16 August 2018
Value for money
Staff friendliness
Arrival and exit process
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Rating score

"Excellent service. Dropping off procedure was simple and when I returned, the wait for my car was a matter of minutes. Polite staff. This is by far the best way to manage your airport parking needs."
Confirmed purchase:
03 July 2018

Published on:
06 August 2018
Value for money
Staff friendliness
Arrival and exit process
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