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types of parking

There are three types of airport parking that you can book. These are On-Airport, Park & Ride and Meet & Greet Valet.

Meet & Greet Airport Parking

Meet & Greet airport parking is by far the quickest and most convinient way when you are planning go away. Get a quick quote and check the prices for a wide selection of Meet & Greet parking options.

You simply drive to the airport terminal, meet the chauffer, take your bags and walk straight into the terminal. Once back, a quick call and the chauffer will bring your car back at the terminal in no time.

Park & Ride Airport Parking

Budget and straight forward, Park & Ride is a secure way of parking your car while you are away.

Book online and make your way to a vetted and secure parking operator very close to the airport, take you luggage and the car park operated shuttle bus service will drop you off outside the airport terminal building. Once back, take the same shuttle service back to the car park and collect your car from the car park.

On-site Airport Parking

Want the ultimate convienience? dont wan't to park at an off-site car park? dont want to take the shuttle bus service? Then On-site parking is the soluton for you.

On-site airport parking is the closet you can park your car at the airport. Park your car securely at the airport operated car parks. Normally, there is a short walk to the terminal from the onsite car parks.